We help world-class design consultancies develop prototypes to the highest standard

Embedded in your team we will deliver creative solutions whatever the challenge

We push boundaries to deliver inspiring solutions

Our collaborative design development approach ensures your customers goals are achieved

compfab design dev


Product Development is the process of turning an idea into a working product, ready
for manufacture.

compfab small scale production


We manufacture various products in batches, mostly scientific instruments housings
or components.

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Rapid Prototyping is the process of quickly fabricating a physical concept model or prototype of a part or product using CAD data.

compfab 3d printing


We have a range of 3D printing options in-house, depending on the accuracy and surface
finish required.

Over the past twenty years we have assembled a team of talented craftsmen and women with a range of skills that is both rare and extensive.


Here at Complete Fabrication we are able to offer a full prototyping service to our clients. We can manufacture a prototype from a simple supplied sketch or fully developed 3D CAD design. Our in-house CAD and design department are available to help create a fully finished and assembled prototype or set of components to install into an assembly. You can put your trust into our highly skilled and experienced team and in-house manufacturing facilities (running alongside a trusted network of partners) to be assured that we have your requirements covered!

Our key skills are high precision vacuum-casting, low volume CNC machining, 3D printing in multiple materials and technologies, not to mention the highly quality paint finishes we are able to apply within our two spray booths. Our team can manufacture and assemble your prototypes to a SOP’s document installing electronics, third party parts; to create products for medical or demanding applications.

As technology and methodology has changed, our model makers have applied their handiwork in new ways. Whatever kind of model or prototype you need making, however complicated or apparently inconceivable, we are sure it can be made in our workshops under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff.

We are leaders in the industry, blending traditional model making hand skills with some of the latest technology enabling us to push the boundaries of prototyping to new levels, for our own satisfaction but more importantly for the success of our client’s projects.