We were given a brief by Cambridge University spin-out Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd (DRW) to make a rotating turret. A turret that needed a number of stainless steel sampling chambers within it, each insulated from the others and keeping the contents at a regulated temperature. The material for encapsulating these machined chambers had to be both fire retardant and RoHS compliant.​​

The challenge in this component was to hold the stainless chambers in the tool while casting the material around them, without filling up the chambers with the material. Along with the stainless chambers there was a requirement for brass threaded inserts in the base of the product to hold the turret in place during final operation in the product, further challenging us and the tooling requirements, the design of which we would undertake.

We experimented with different materials and processes and eventually designed an epoxy foam ourselves that had the correct insulation properties. We also used an epoxy gel coat for the A surfaces finish giving the final surface finish fit for a medical product in challenging environments! Since the initial 20 development turrets paired with a vacuum cast set of case parts of the whole machine, we have successfully gone on to manufacture over 100 productions of this turret.