Prism200 prototype for testing

Prism200 Prototype


We were asked by Cambridge Consultants to produce prototype case works of their Prism 200 device. The final product needed to meet the appropriate IP rating as well as environmental testing including a drop test! We knew from previous experimenting both in-house and with our client, we had a material that would be our best chance of achieving the specification requirements. From the various upfront meetings with the Cambridge Consultants team, it was decided to embark on the first set of vacuum cast case sets to prove out the design and the manufacturing materials and process. SLA masters were first produced and finished to the agreed surface textured finish, fit checks undertaken with the client’s team and, when all were happy, the silicone tooling created.

From these silicone tools, the final vacuum cast productions were produced and the device was ready for the destructive testing. Although the tests proved to be a success on the whole, evidence of a weakness was uncovered and these areas within the case were strengthened in our casting process with an over-moulded glass matt reinforcement. With this final change the product was ready for low volume production within our facility and onward to the hostile environments they are destined for use. Today we have produced case sets numbering into the low hundreds: a real success.