Owlstone Reciva

Owlstone Ultra Faims instrument and Reciva


We made the Ultra Faims instrument by growing the master model on the SLA 3D printer and finished the A surfaces to a replicated spark finish. We then made a silicone rubber tooling and made the productions from the tool in a fire-rated self-coloured ABS copy PU resin. The moulding casework parts were cast in a vacuum casting machine giving perfect results, mimicking an injection-moulded component complete with surface texture.

The Reciva product is a breath analyser made in the same way as the Ultra Faims product. Due to the product requirements and the need for no particle contamination, painting was not permissible. The self-coloured vac-castings meet these exacting requirements perfectly. Both product ranges are produced with threaded brass inserts moulded into the product for assembly of internal components as well as adjoining case works. The PU resin case parts are made from resin which is resistant to all the chemicals that may be used to clean a medical device of this type.

For Owlstone the vacuum casting process was perfect, producing low volume manufacturing volumes 20-30 off as well as bridging the gap between trials and higher volume manufacture.