Batch production of chrome finished whisky bottle case


Chrome Whisky Bottle


When asked to produce a mirror ball in the shape of a whisky bottle, for a moment we wondered if this was a serious request! We soon realised it was and we began to design the method of manufacture for these 1000 off productions. The injection moulding process was investigated for this plated part with our partners and, with our in-house design team briefed, the design process started. We manufactured 3D printed parts first and ensured that these covers fitted the whisky bottle to be encased perfectly as well as making sure the details of the design would mould well without adding unnecessary cost. Once the design was fixed, the client wanted to see a final looks-like prototype before the injection mould tooling was commissioned. The prototype was an acrylic machined component with each and every facet polished and then all parts vacuum plated to the mirror finish. It wasn’t long after the prototype was presented that the order for the tooling and production was received. The plated injection mouldings were produced, assembled and labeled onto the bottles of whisky at the workshop ready to add a little bling to one thousand bar tops!