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Latest SLA Material: Accura Xtreme

We are now proud to introduce to your our latest SLA material Accura Xtreme. A fantastic replacement for CNC machining ABS and Polypropylene. When looking to prototype snap fit assemblies this material is second to none. Xtreme will continue to strengthen our existing...

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New Viper Water Clear Material

Another material added to the range! Ultra 10122. We have added material number three to our Viper range of SLA materials, a water clear material that enables us to supply you with hand polished clear parts that are second to none! This is an ABS mimic material that...

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New Viper S12 SLA Machine

VIPER SLA MACHINE We have taken the plunge at Complete Fabrication and are now the proud owners of a Viper SLA Machine! We are fully qualified and have built some fantastic samples and are ready to talk about any projects, or quote on any parts you may have. We are...

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Life Beyond the 3D Print

The prototyping industry is constantly evolving. Having experienced 25 years of prototyping, starting on a bench with traditional tools and hand skills, to running a company with some of the latest rapid-prototyping technologies, I have witnessed the changes…

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Xtreme but with a Difference

We are excited to introduce our latest SLA material to our existing range: Accura Xtreme White Our SLA engineers have been busy over the last few weeks installing Xtreme White into our SLA machines, tuning the build styles to enable us to offer our clients the same…

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High Quality SLA's Build Overnight at Prices 10% Cheaper than your Current Supplier!

If you like the sound of that then we would like to hear from you here at Complete Fabrication. We are market leaders in the SLA sector, having spent many years in the industry perfecting and tuning our machines as well as post build clean up, giving built parts…

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