We are now proud to introduce to your our latest SLA material Accura Xtreme. A fantastic replacement for CNC machining ABS and Polypropylene. When looking to prototype snap fit assemblies this material is second to none. Xtreme will continue to strengthen our existing range of materials, Accura 25 and the very popular water clear Ultra 10122. However with its outstanding durability and impact resistance this takes SLA’s to a whole new level, while maintaining the high quality surface finish you have come to expect from Complete Fabrication.

For those who would like technical details, they are below, and for those who would like to discuss this exciting news further, please call Sandra or Sebastian.

  • Minimum Build Layer 0.05mm, Vertical Resolution 0.0025mm
  • High Resolution +/- 0.1mm tolerance
  • Build Envelope High Resolution 125 x 125 x 250mm
  • Build Envelope Standard Resolution 250 x 250 x 250mm
  • Solid State Laser – 100mW available (power at vat)

Data sheets available on request:

sebastian@compfab.co.uk / sandra@compfab.co.uk