Another material added to the range! Ultra 10122.

We have added material number three to our Viper range of SLA materials, a water clear material that enables us to supply you with hand polished clear parts that are second to none! This is an ABS mimic material that sits alongside our PP mimic – Accura 25 and our FDA approved KZ Clear material (ISO 100993 Bio-Compatibility / Toxicity Testing), offering you some of, if not the best materials in the marketplace.

Please contact us for further details or data sheets of any of our materials.

Viper Machine Information:

  • Minimum Build Layer 0.05mm, Vertical Resolution 0.0025mm
  • High Resolution +/- 0.1mm tolerance
  • Beam Diameter High Resolution – 0.015mm
  • Beam Diameter Standard Resolution – 0.025mm
  • Build Envelope High Resolution 125 x 125 x 250mm
  • Build Envelope Standard Resolution 250 x 250 x 250mm