We have taken the plunge at Complete Fabrication and are now the proud owners of a Viper SLA Machine! We are fully qualified and have built some fantastic samples and are ready to talk about any projects, or quote on any parts you may have. We are not on the road to becoming a bureau, our aim is to strengthen our capabilities to our existing clients. This enables us to offer a speedy and reliable service on the Viper as we have for a number of years on our trusted Polyjet machine.

We are currently running Accura 25 resin (data sheets can be supplied on request) but in the next month or two we plan to be running a water clear material as well. Accura 25 is a very technical material, along with the 0.05mm build resolution of the Viper and our trusted team of Model Makers, I feel we will have very few disappointed customers.

For those who like technical details, they are below, and for those would like to discuss the exciting news further please call Sebastian or Sandra.

  • Minimum Build Layer 0.05mm, Vertical Resolution 0.0025mm
  • High Resolution +/- 0.1mm tolerance
  • Build Envelope High Resolution 125 x 125 x 250mm
  • Build Envelope Standard Resolution 250 x 250 x 250mm
  • Solid State Laser – 100mW available (power at vat)